Acquisitions – It’s About the Mission and the Value

If you’re looking to buy an aircraft, it’s easy to jump on the first good deal you see. But in these tough economic times, a good deal isn’t always the best deal, and Safe Journeys Aviation believes in working to find the best aircraft for your company.

The experts at Safe Journeys Aviation will be your partner in locating the most suitable aircraft, using a proven, methodical approach to making this important purchase.

We start by assessing your needs, and determining whether buying outright, purchasing a fractional share or using charter would work best. From there, we help you determine which model of aircraft is best for you by understanding and reviewing:

  • Trip lengths and frequencies
  • Base and destination airports
  • Number of passengers
  • Allowable budget, and other parameters

Next, the Safe Journeys team does its homework. All aircraft are not the same. While Federal Aviation Administration Regulations apply to every aircraft regardless of size, some get better care and are more reliable than others. This difference isn’t always initially obvious, but it can make a big difference in an aircraft’s ability to efficiently support a company’s flight needs.

When someone buys a pre-owned aircraft, they’re taking ownership of everything that’s happened to it since it was built, so it’s vitally important to understand an aircraft’s history and how it affects value and reliability. Safe Journeys Aviation takes this effort very seriously.

Planes can be repainted, seats can be recovered, and radios can be upgraded, but an aircraft’s history is forever. Our years of experience inspecting aircraft and their maintenance records give us the unique ability to determine the real value of the individual aircraft you’re considering.

Finally, Safe Journeys Aviation is a broker-only company. Unlike many of our competitors, we never try to sell an aircraft that we own. We believe it’s a cleaner way to do business, and allows us to focus solely on what works best for you.


Pete provided expert handling and guidance and unquestioned personal integrity as he gave his best effort to help us transform and sell over $40 million in jet aircraft. Throughout the process, Pete’s decades of experience, industry reputation and contacts were leveraged to achieve amazing success given the very difficult business environment we all were in. I have no question where we would turn if we needed assistance marketing jet aircraft. It would be right back to Pete Kilmartin.
Ken Wiseman, Vice PresidentSun Trust Banks Aviation